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Carolyn Chase moved easily through the crowd, stopping occasionally stopping to speak with one of the guests attending black tie gala in a downtown Washington, DC hotel! With her mane of long blonde hair, large voluptuous chest, huge fat bottom, and a pretty if not beautiful face, she caused more than one male head to turn that evening, and as usually the case at events like this one, several notes with phone numbers were surreptitiously slipped into her hand accompanied by a wink and a nod! Carolyn didn’t particularly care for these political fund raisers, but when you were a model scrounging for work you took what was available when it was available!!! Her agency had gotten a call that twenty pretty plump women between twenty five and thirty five were needed to dress up what could have been a rather drab affair, so Carolyn, along with a score of other young women were mingling with the DC big shots as the wheels of government were being greased with big money that was flowing in from all over the country! Wallpaper, that’s what the girls called themselves, because they were there to be seen and not heard, and to be perfectly blunt, just plain look pretty for the big spenders who had flown in from every part of the country! It usually took a lot to impress Carolyn, after all the President himself had once made a pass at her so it took more than a handsome face to wind the stem of her watch, so as she was taking a sip of her champagne, she was stunned when her eyes locked with a not particularly good looking man who quite simply took her breath away!!! She shivered uncontrollably for a second, and much to her consternation he slowly began wending his way across the room towards her! She took another drink of wine while trying to figure out who this short little dark haired man could be, but before it registered in her mind he was in front of her and quietly introducing himself, “I couldn’t help but notice such a beautiful woman standing all alone, so please, l?}?et me introduce myself, my name is Brandle Lincoln, but all my friends call me Bran!!!” Carolyn’s knees immediately went weak as the dark flashing eyes of Brandle Lincoln bored hard into her own while she stammered, “I-it’s so nice to meet you Mr [Step Siblings Caught].
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She thought a minute and said maybe she wouldn’t go to the sleepover tonight,….

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I was introduced to everyone else and we became immediate friends, I slapped her ass, grabbed her tits hard, and pinched her nipples

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Date: October 25, 2021