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He pushed his fingers in the hole rubbing her panties with his knuckles where he slid his hand up and undid the button, letting her shorts fall to the ground Shiofuky – Dashing fuck. He could think clearly and most all the pain was gone
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After she came up from Naga for a quick breath she looked over to the two young girls already on the spits roasting with no one to turn them, they were starting to burn and Lina realized she had played with Naga long enough it was time to get her former partner on to cook, she looked into the pleading eye's of the young girls roasting not far from her but didn’t care if they cooked properly or burned to a crisp she was only interested in eating one girl, this would be her revenge,

Lina jumped up at the sight of the first two men heading her way, “HAHAHAHA” Naga laughed as a man tried to grab her, “You think you bandits can capture the great Naga the serpent and her diminutive small breasted junior partner, don’t make me laugh” Naga said, at this Lina was beyond mad she had taken just about as much from Naga as she could take shouting as loud as she could “EXPLOSION ARRAY” causing the ground around all the bandits and Naga to explode in a flash of green light….

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“Fuck me big brother!” I heard Aida's voice say, “Hurry Jose! Fuck me”

I forgot who it was I was with again

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Date: November 28, 2021